Why not be friends with a former guy?

Why not be friends with a former guy?

Why not be friends with a former guy?

“Let's stay friends” - this classic phrase from Hollywood melodramas can be heard in reality, because, unfortunately, men lack the imagination to properly arrange the gap. “But we will still be friends, right?” - having heard this question, do not rush to answer “Yes.” Think about these reasons why you can't be friends with a former guy:


Friendship with the former is torment
You continue to communicate, but just as friends - and suddenly he does something pleasant, something that you want to smile and kiss him. But this can no longer be done, and you constantly have to restrain your feelings. Why do you need such torment?


Friendship with the former is false hope
Admit it honestly - if he left you, you still cherish the hope that someday he will understand what he lost and come back - so why not be “just friends”? Face it - he will not return, and you should not hope so, remaining friends.


You do not want him to meet with another
True friends always wish each other happiness - but then, if he left you, it is unlikely that you sincerely wish him happiness with another? That is why a sincere friendship with the former will not work out - as soon as he finds another, you will understand that it is too hard to maintain friendly relations with the former.


You will not be able to discuss each other's privacy
True friends share everything - including experiences in their personal lives. And do you want to help your ex in solving problems with his new passion? Hardly. Just imagine how he will begin to share with you stories about his new girlfriend - can you patiently listen to these outpourings?


Your mutual friends will not understand you
Everyone remembers well that even a week ago you were a couple - and they don’t understand how to behave now, when you still appear everywhere together as friends, but at the same time you don’t meet.


If you are friends with the former, the chances of meeting true love are close to zero.
Think about it yourself - what normal guy will want to constantly communicate with your ex? After all, all men are proprietors by nature, and even the sweetest and kindest guy will not like the idea of ​​friendship with the former.


Friendship with the former is bad
He threw you, broke your heart.

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