Why not drink alcohol?

It's no secret that Russia ranks first in the world in child alcoholism. There is nothing good and pleasant about it, but statistics is an inexorable thing, and closing your eyes to a problem is not the best solution. But such is our man - just to drink, but there is always a reason!

The fact that alcoholism is a terrible disease that destroys lives is not the only family who is convinced. So maybe it’s time to explain better to both children and adults, why not drink alcohol and what consequences will abuse it?


It seems, well, what is terrible in the evening to drink beer with friends or a glass of wine with friends? But this is the whole problem - addiction occurs gradually, starting with small doses. First, a bottle of tasty alcohol drink brings pleasure and euphoria, and then it ceases to satisfy and a person wants more and more than once a week, but every day. Here the most important thing is to have willpower and sound mind. And it is precisely this that is the reason why children and adolescents cannot drink alcohol because they are not yet able to control themselves well.

Impact on pregnant women

Worst of all, by using alcohol you harm not only yourself but also your future children. Much more painful children are born in drinking families, and what can we say about miscarriages and stillbirths! .. And even more so you cannot drink directly during pregnancy if you want to give birth to a healthy baby.

Alcohol plus medication

If you don’t want to go to the hospital to wash your stomach - never drink alcohol pills! After all, these things are incompatible! At best, you just have a headache, your skin turns red, or nausea occurs. And if you mix alcohol, for example, with such a medicine as clonidine, a person will simply “pass out” and will not remember anything. Nitroglycerin, which is washed down with alcohol, can lead to acute heart failure, which in turn leads to death. The same applies to various hypnotics and antidepressants.

Alcohol driving

A separate conversation about drunk driving, because you can not only get problems with traffic policemen, fines and lose your driver's license, but also risk the lives of others.Most accidents and accidents on the roads are due to the fault of drunk drivers.

Beer alcoholism

The most common type of alcoholism is beer. Although not a single alcoholic has pleaded alcoholic, but if you cannot live a day without a bottle of beer, think about it! Why not drink beer in large quantities? This, at first glance, harmless, the most popular alcoholic drink also puts a large load on the body - the stomach, liver, pancreas volley, kidneys, heart, endocrine system suffer. Beer disrupts hormones - in women, it increases testosterone levels, and in men, on the contrary, lowers it, which is not normal. That and who is pleased to look at the "beer belly" in men, and even more so in women? Draw conclusions and reduce the use of alcoholic beverages for the sake of your and your children's health!

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