Why see a blue dress in a dream

If a woman sees a blue dress in a dream, it usually foreshadows calm in real life. But there are other interpretations of sleep, about which the dream book of Felomen, taking into account the nuances of a dream, will tell.

The interpretation of the dream book Thelomena

The dreamer too much plunged into the work - that's what you see a blue dress in night dreams. It is urgent to escape from work, having arranged a full-fledged day off.

The new dress of the sky color is a symbol of devotion to any person who is perceived as an ideal.

You will experience sadness, longing and lack of self-confidence, if you had to wear a blue dress in a dream.

Treatment taking into account the details of the dream

The dreamed-up dress of a strict silhouette promises to the dreamer a successful career.

If you have seen yourself in a sky-colored dress, in reality you have a serious business trip or an interesting journey. The more elegant the dress in the dream, the more interesting the trip will be.

A new blue dress says that you will be completely safe.

The warning about paying for old mistakes is what dreams of an old blue dress.

If in a dream a girl was dressed in a blue dress, then in reality she would meet with a rival who would try to separate her from her lover. If a girl in a dream admires trying on a dress, then the person in dislike is not afraid of her.

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