Why see a cat in a dream?

A cat in a dream foreshadows the unpredictability of waking situations, bad luck. In order for the �black stripe� not to come, you need to drive the animal away. This interpretation offers us the dream book of Felomen, but it is not the only one. The rest of the dream books will tell you and describe all possible combinations with cats in a dream.

Dream Dream Thelomena

To unambiguously understand what the cat dreams of exactly for you, you need to remember the details of sleep, they will answer the question.

What color is the cat?

  • White Informs about incomprehensible situations at work. You may have to make a choice in favor of money or a clear conscience. If a white cat has come to you in a dream, a dream symbolizes participation in situations with complex consequences.

  • Black Tells about the enemy or the evil that is present in you. Associated with a deceitful, treacherous woman. Do not participate in scams and dubious transactions.

  • Redhead A harbinger of unpleasant situations, failures, situations that require immediate solutions.
  • Gray. It symbolizes tiredness of life, moral exhaustion, the onset of depression.Perhaps the situation in your life has brought you out of control.

  • Tricolor. For a woman, this is a sign of a rival.

  • Black and white. Use caution when working with appliances, on the roads, etc.

  • Multicolored - a messenger of trouble, and striped - unexpected luck or meeting a strange man.

  • Blue - a symbol of strong energy, extrasensory abilities. Most likely, if the meaning is to develop in this direction.

Deciphering the details of the dream according to Felomen

If you dreamed of a flea in a cat, the dream book interprets this as the beginning of disagreements, quarrels with friends. Fleas jumping over the fur - you cannot rationally distribute your time and energy.

Three cats dreamed - be afraid of envious persons.

Wounded animal - someone needs your help.

What dreams of a cat that is dying? She warns that you will be able to solve all problems in one fell swoop. In addition, you should pay attention to your pet.

To see a bloody cat is a symbol of an obstinate person, not accustomed to submit even to his superiors.

To beat a cat in a dream - in reality you will learn about the betrayal of a person dear to you, and strangling her means getting out of the unpleasant influence. To drown the cat - to see the opponent in the face.

Dream Interpretation of Meridian

Dead cats in a dream according to Meridian�s dream book are interpreted differently: if a pet of a loved one has died in a dream, it is worth breaking off relations with him. If you hold the animal in your arms, and your second half is beating him - this person has long wanted to break up with you, but he cannot say. The corpse of a cat placed in a box - you are going to disgrace.

A dream cat treats a pregnant cat like gossip and conspiracies around you, review your social circle. If you have a cat at home, it may lead offspring. If there are no animals in the house, a pet is likely to appear soon. For a woman, sleep can mean a secret resentment, self-related complexes.

Modern dream book of the XXI century

  1. To dream of a cat - to big quarrels in the house, kittens - to an unexpected profit.

  2. Stroking a cat is in your heart you have doubts and distrust of a loved one.

  3. Ran across the road - get ready for a meeting with the enemy, a crafty man.

  4. He rubs his feet - misfortune in the house.

  5. To hear a loud meow is a false confession, to see it is a call for help.

  6. Bitten and scratched the cat - slander, slander from its owners.

  7. Games cats - to trouble "on the personal front."

  8. Seeing a crushed cat - the lifestyle you lead has disastrous consequences.

  9. To offend an animal - to have a stone on the heart.

  10. The cat came to a man in a dream - he is in the center of female attention; woman such a vision warns of a rival.

  11. Catching mice with cats promises wealth.

Dream Miller

What to expect if you see a cat in a dream:

This animal is a harbinger of failure, but having banished it, you will easily overcome obstacles. If she rushed at you, wanting to bite or scratch - get ready to meet with ill-wishers, possibly enemies. Face a skinny, exhausted cat - one of your friends / colleagues is sick, so that the disease has receded the animal must be driven away. An untidy, dirty or sick animal - expect bad news, and if it drags your back leg, sadness will settle in your soul, and your health will deteriorate. Hearing, but not seeing cat screeching and meowing - your imaginary friend is preparing to give you an unpleasant surprise.

If you have been scratched by a cat, be prepared for the fact that ill-wishers will deprive much of the profits.

For a girl to hold a kitty in her arms, she will soon be drawn into unpleasant business.Snow-white cat - a confusion in the affairs, which would entail grief. For a person working in the trade cat means that you need to work honestly, with full dedication.


To understand what dreams cats, pay attention to the day of the week and the number of sleep. Try to remember as many details as possible. After all, even the mood of the animal affects the interpretation. So, aggressive cats in a dream - a symbol of enemies, harming, and evil - you use all means to achieve material wealth.

Mad Cat - Get ready to fight an obsessive particular female. If the cat has beaten up in a dream, be prepared to face a person that annoys you. Such a cat's dream also speaks of petty quarrels, omissions. But if the cat drowned in a dream - an attempt of opponents / rivals to dissolve your relationship will crash.

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