Why smartphone is the most harmful habit of our time

I recently went to a wedding with friends. At one point, I was stunned by one observation: all the guests of the holiday in a moment were together with their smartphones in their hands, there was a feeling that the phones literally stuck to the palms of everyone who was there! Each of us spends much of our time this way, but a picture where grown-up people, like dependent maniacs, can not leave the phone on the table and just start having fun, recalled the scale of this disaster.

Now is the time: we capture everything that surrounds us. And share this with applications. The main question that I ask myself, including: for what and for whom is it all? To unload your head? Let the happy moment is remembered not by her, but by the telephone. To not burden the heart? Let the camera worry, not the receptors responsible for love and impressionability. The reasoning about the age of technology is clear to me, but still does not let go the idea that we are losing the most important thing - the ability to enjoy here and now, the soul to remember everything that makes us happy, as it was, for example, in childhood.After all, all those invaluable moments needed neither ingenious cameras, nor capacious megabytes.

Why smartphone is the most harmful habit of our time

In general, it is amazing: we do not part with the phone, but on the other hand - we despair that we can not control it. If you catch yourself on these thoughts, let's see if it is possible to improve relations with the gadget and turn them from “toxic” into healthy ones.

The first thing that would be good to realize - thanks to the phone, we cease to be empathetic. We feel less of other people: we don’t see their facial expressions, we don’t hear the intonation, thereby imperceptibly losing the quality of life

This is how communication with loved ones is broken and the skill of empathy is wasted. Important communication for all of us, we prefer meaningless pictures. Think about whether it is in your life and how it hurts.

Another important information to think about. Smartphones kill our productivity and true implementation needs. The brain is already accustomed to be distracted by the phone, no matter what important you are doing. Often we are not able to plunge into the work entirely, because the attention is not the same - it is scattered and atrophied. In addition, it is even alarming to immerse oneself in work: what if another Like passes by?

Why smartphone is the most harmful habit of our time

Many thirty-year-olds today go to psychotherapists. One of the typical complaints is: "I do not feel in real life." The reasons are many, one of them is the constant use of phones and computers. With the psychotherapist, of course, other options that come from childhood and the like are discussed. But until you have digged too deep, sort yourself out with what's on the surface. And on it lies the phone, what else. We wake up and reach for the phone. We go to bed and look through the tape just in case. So the present becomes ever less: eyes do not look at landscapes, people around, and even their own children. The focus is on the screen.

Scientists and researchers believe that smartphone addiction can be eliminated, but it is incredibly difficult. It's just as hard as giving up sugar or getting yourself into a sporting load. This is a skill that is being developed day by day. First of all, we determine how much time we spend on the phone and if we don’t feel sorry for these precious watches. Calculate how many times you touch the device during the day - the result of the calculation is shocking.

Why smartphone is the most harmful habit of our time

Or use the Moment application (for iPhone) - it's easy to track the time spent with the phone.For Android, there are other good applications called RescueTime or Quality Time - they will also provide you with detailed statistics of wasting time in applications or on websites. By the way, a friend of mine told me that he had the idea to buy a “stupid” phone instead of another new smartphone, but he ended up differently - he refused most applications, turned off social network notifications and instant messengers. As a result, the eternal "itch" passed, and a friend gained the skill to control the process of using the phone himself. This is probably a small but important part of what we can do for our own good. Take dependency under control and start watching it. I am sure that the results will shock you!

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