Why does the wristwatch stop?

Irina Saprykina
Irina Saprykina
March 24, 2015
Why does the wristwatch stop?

We need a wristwatch in order to accurately determine the length of time in which we are located, as well as to plan our future activities and daily routine. Usually we completely rely on the information that this mechanism provides us. But sometimes his irreproachable work is interrupted by some kind of malfunction. In this article we will discuss why wristwatches often stop.

Reasons for stopping the clock

Clocks can stop for various reasons, and they depend primarily on what type of watch mechanism. We consider three categories: mechanical, quartz and electronic watches.

Why stop the mechanical clock

Mechanical watches may stop for the following reasons:

  • Forgot to start the winding mechanism. It is easy to “fix” the malfunction - just spin the wheel a little.
  • Dust or moisture has entered the enclosure.It is necessary to carefully remove the cover, wipe the mechanism, if there are traces of moisture - give the watch to dry thoroughly.
  • Dry lubricant. A few drops of lubricating oil will bring your watch back to life.
  • The clock was close to the magnet. Most likely, they no longer help and they stopped forever.

If there are doubts about the reasons for the malfunction of the clock, then it is better to refer them to the master for professional repair.

Why the electronic clock stops

If your electronic watch suddenly stopped working, then pay attention to the following factors:

  • The battery inside the case may have been damaged. You can eliminate the defect by simply installing a new battery.
  • Moisture has entered the mechanism (assuming, of course, that your watch is not waterproof). In this case, you need to open the case and dry the device; if the malfunction remains, then take it to the workshop.
  • The device has undergone a strong blow (shockproof models are more protected). Depending on the degree of damage, the watch will need to be repaired, and in some cases, replaced.

Why quartz watches stop

The reasons for stopping all watches are very similar, there were no exceptions and quartz ones. They may stop due to:

  • Bad battery. Installing a new battery solves the problem pretty quickly.
  • Another reason may be the failure of the chip. Replacement of the damaged part is required, which is done in the watch workshop.
  • No less than other quartz watches do not like moisture and mechanical impact. In such a situation, they will also need the help of a qualified watchmaker.

It is also worth remembering that leaving the clock with any mechanism around household appliances such as a refrigerator, microwave, TV, etc. is not safe. The magnetic field emitted by these devices is capable of disabling any watch and deprive it of its working capacity irrevocably.

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