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wikiHow:Music Project

Welcome to the Music Project!

Our goal is to editmusic articlesand make them amazing!

  • To join the project add your name down below in the "Members" section, and then add {{}} to your user page!
This author is a member ofMusic Projectand invites you to join along in the project!

Hello Music Project!
You have been invited to join theMusic Project! We love Music so we fix and create articles just for that!
We would love to have you join us! ! -

  • The highest contributor(s) towards the project will be awarded with the award down below by a message on there talk page. If you fell as though you have made quite a few contributions towards the project, please let know on her .
Thank you for your hard work towardsMusic Project! You are the highest contributor(s) this week! Here is an award to show our thanks!

Thanks So Much!
  • If you have any questions or concerns, please ask on the discussion page.

Articles that Need Editing

Articles that are Finished


  • First member! Every project has what I did...
  • (Co-Leader) Second!!! :-)
  • It's me again! 3rd Member.
  • 4th Member
  • 5th Member, right in the usual spot!
  • 6th Member!
  • 7th member!
  • 8th member!
  • 9th member!
  • 10th member
  • 11th member!!!!!
  • 12th member!
  • 14 member! yay!
  • 15th member!Yay!
  • Lots of members! :)
  • 19th member!
  •  :)
  • 22nd member, yay!!!
  • 23rd member!
  • 24th member >:3
  • 25th
  • 26th member!! :D
  • 26th
  • 27th <3
  • 28th :D
  • 29th member


How do I help Music Project?

You can help the project by:

  • Editing articles
  • Adding photos to articles
  • Writing New articles
  • Giving us ideas by commenting on the discussion page
  • Volunteering for positions that are needed
  • Inviting new people to the project
  • And for fun, adding signs!

So what is the main goal of Music Project?In Music Project, we edit all Music related articles. Articles that are not fully published, we try to get them fully published. We edit music articles!

Music Project Tip/Fact of The Day

Music Project Newspaper

(Please feel free to add any article onto the newspaper.)Music Project ReturnsSame Project-New GoalsBy

  • I have decided to revive the project. We want to make sure all of our music articles are (with quality) edited. We want to make them the best we can. This project will be different from when it was originally made. We want to remove the stubs off of the articles. This dose not mean just removing the tag, it means editing the articles until they have enough information. Always remember-Quality over Quantity.

Video: How Do You Read Music?

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