Winter Makeup Features

You will need
  • - moisturizing cream
  • - tonal basis
  • - powder
  • - blush
  • - shadows
  • - pencil
  • - waterproof mascara
  • - moisturizing lipstick
Choose a tonal basis. In winter, the skin becomes more sensitive. Wind, rain, snow, low temperature affect the skin condition not in the best way. Yes, and hot batteries make the skin dry and irritable.
Apply makeup necessarily on the prepared skin. Apply moisturizing cream on face and neck. After 10 minutes, remove the remnants of the cream with a napkin. Ideally, apply a makeup base, but this is not necessary. The more layers, the skin is more reliably protected from the weather. Now proceed to the choice of the winter foundation. Choose only moisturizing, creamy tone foundation. Only she will make your skin smooth and beautiful. Summer option - liquid tone foundation will not work. Most likely, it will not lie flat, in places it will peel off.
Note that if you do not support tanning in a tanning salon, then it is better to get a tonal basis one tone lighter than the one you usually use. The skin in winter becomes paler.
Blush will also have to change the tone of the tonal tool - a softer shade.
Winter eye makeup. Apply a moisturizer under the skin around the eyes. Get a moisturizing concealer. If the skin of the eyelids has become sensitive, then it is better to use cream shadows, they will not further dry the skin of the eyelids. If you spend a lot of time on the street, then it is better to replace your usual mascara with waterproof one. Thus, you will avoid unpleasant eyelash prints on the eyelids, from wet snow. Shadows are better to pick up in winter calm colors.
Winter lip makeup. Lips in winter require special care. Before applying lipstick, apply hygienic lipstick, or a special moisturizer to your lips. It is better to refuse gloss and steady lipsticks. It will be much more pleasant to use the moistening lipstick. Do not forget to put a special lip cleaner on your lips for the night, if there is no such, then olive oil or children's cream, applied with a thick layer, will do. In the morning my lips will be moisturized. Lipstick will go perfectly.

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