What are current leggings to wear? (11 pictures)

Such an irreplaceable thing, like leggings, has once again firmly entered our wardrobes, not intending to take positions in the near future. And this is natural, because each owner of such clothes can declare with confidence that leggings are a very comfortable and diverse thing, which enjoys, indeed, the global love of not only the general population, but also world stars.

When, in the distant 90s, leggings for the first time broke into the world of fashion, having conquered millions of girls and girls, they were worn polls, ranging from young to old. When they first appeared on the fashion show of the world-famous fashion house Chanel, they were treated ambiguously, some well-known publications criticized this form of clothing.

However, the other half of society took them positively, especially, they came to taste the idol of many, Madonna and Sandra, thanks to whom they spread throughout the world. At that time, leggings were purely of synthetic fabrics, had acid colors, but this did not bother anyone.

Over time, they transformed, warm models appeared, and soothing colors came into fashion: beige, black, brown and gray.

The modern fashion industry is simply teeming with a variety of such forms of clothing, they have noticeably transformed, began to be made from natural fabrics, but at the same time remained the same form-fitting, cozy and comfortable.

Thanks to such a riot of variations and colors, the question immediately began to arise, but what is better to wear leggings so as not to look ridiculous or vulgar? Let's try to understand this simple matter.

In order not to look ridiculous exactly, it is necessary to figure out for yourself once and for all, leggings are not independent clothes, they are additional things, therefore they must “hide behind” with something: a skirt, an elongated top or shorts.

Do not forget that when wearing leggings, you should always take care that your “soft” place is covered, otherwise it looks inappropriate and, sometimes, vulgar and funny.

Of course, if you have an ideal sports figure, then you can wear a short T-shirt, revealing all your advantages. However, remember that what you see standing at the mirror is often completely different from what people around you see when walking.


First of all, you need to pay attention to the colors. Here, too, one thing works, but the gold rule, sticking to which, you obviously will not look tasteless.

If you decide to wear colored leggings with a bright print, then the top of the clothes should be monochromatic, preferably matched in color. But if the leggings themselves are plain, the top can please with a riot of colors and a variety of prints.

Leggings are a kind of universal clothes, they can be combined with a huge variety of other things and accessories, as long as everything fits the body.

Girls with ideal forms, of course, can wear leggings together with mini and short tunics. If you decide to wear leopard leggings that are very popular this season, like other animal prints, then you also need to pay attention to your figure - full girls should refuse such a decision.

By the way, leopard leggings are perfectly combined with black or white tunics, or you can choose a color that will be combined in shade with one of the spots on the tight pants. This style is considered to be quite aggressive and sexy, only courageous girls are capable of it. Do not forget that this option requires a high heel or maximum platform.

Pastel shades

This season is very popular soft and muted colors, for example, turquoise, beige, coral, mint or lavender. For example, beige leggens, which are usually made of light summer fabric, can be worn with a peach or mint light shirt.

The image can be completed with large bracelets or necklaces, and if it is cool in the evening, then this style is perfectly combined with a light dark or light, but monophonic, jacket or vest.

Bright and juicy motives

The variety of colored leggings is simply amazing, what is it to wear them with? After all, they can have one, but very bright tone, models with bright ethnic, geometric and floral patterns look great, pants in the “cosmos” style are especially popular.

Such options can be combined with elongated monochromatic tunics, as well as with elongated shirts that slightly cover the hips. An excellent addition can always be a leather jacket of different colors and shades, a no-lose option - black skin color.

A great combination of colors is, for example, purple leggings and an emerald tunic, the same shoes or ballet flats.The ensemble can be supplemented with a long necklace around the neck, a small handbag in tune with leggings, as well as a beige jacket or jacket.

By the way, there is a gross mistake when wearing colored socks over the colored, and indeed any, leggings. This trend has gone from the world of sports, where sexy beauty women practice this option. It is worth knowing that this is done solely for sporting purposes: the calf muscles are well heated in this way, and not at all from aesthetic impulses.


This extravagant and spectacular style is subject only to the most powerful and self-confident individuals who are absolutely convinced of the ideality of their figure.

Leggens with a skin effect are perfectly combined with a short black jacket and heels on the hairpin. Another good combination - leather leggings and a long shirt, which is made in the style of rock, spikes and metal lining will suit. However, do not overdo with accessories, otherwise you can look ridiculous, and your appearance will acquire an extremely ridiculous position.


Externally, these models resemble jeans, which can be decorated with pockets and stitches, however, in fact, these are the usual narrow pants.Most often, all jeans ornaments and accessories on them are simply drawn, but sometimes it is actually sewn. With what to wear such a hybrid fashion industry?

Denim leggings are perfectly combined with both short T-shirts and elongated tunics, in a special trend this season - a combination of denim options with wide elongated sweaters, which can also be tied with a belt. As for shoes, denim leggings have no special restrictions, they look great and under high boots, and under the shoes on high heels or platform.

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