Wood splitter: principle of operation and 5 options

Drovokol - the machine intended for preparation of firewood. It performs splitting logs and trimming, saves time and effort, allows you to cope with a large amount of work quickly. The benefits include the possibility of operating without special skills and knowledge. Used both indoors and outdoors.

There are several parameters that must be taken into account when choosing a suitable technique. Splitting power - this indicator determines the force applied to crush logs. In household models, it is 5-7 tons.

The second important indicator is the distance between the piston and the wedge (working length). It determines the longitudinal size of the wooden blank. In domestic species, the average values ​​are 50 cm, in professional they can reach up to 100 cm.

The diameter of the workpiece depends on the type of equipment. In hydraulic versions, this figure is often up to 30 cm. In conical, this figure is practically unlimited.

The performance of the wood splitter and the consumption of fuel consumed depends on the engine power. Screw types usually have three-phase electric motors with an indicator of 3000-4000 watts. Hydraulic have this parameter two times less.

Principle of operation

It differs depending on the type of installation. There are three main types:

  • hydraulic;
  • screw;
  • lath

The design of the first is quite simple. During the work there is a smooth collision of a log and a knife. The principle of operation of a hydraulic splitter is that the hydraulic cylinder receives energy from the motor, transmits it to the hydraulic rod. The latter sets in motion an emphasis.

A cylinder with a volume of 10 cm creates a force of up to 10 tons. The peculiarity lies in the fact that the blade enters a wooden blank without a blow, stabs it, but does not squeeze. If the power is low, the cylinder stops and the pump continues to spin. This ensures the protection of technology.

A screw or a cone unit supposes a log split with a cone screw. It works on the principle of an ax. A man takes a log, presses it to a rotating cone. The latter is screwed into the wood, splitting it.Drive in this technique can be any. The main disadvantages are the high demands placed on the power of the machine.

The principle of operation of the rack type involves a gear transmission. A knife is mounted on the metal rail. When it comes into contact with the rotating gears, the knife begins to move toward the log, splitting it.

The main options for hole punching

There are five main options for wood splitters:

  1. horizontal;
  2. vertical;
  3. mixed;
  4. stationary;
  5. mobile.


In such models the bed is parallel to the ground. Wood is laid on it. Depending on the features of the machine in the first embodiment, the workpiece is fixed, the cleaver moves to the log, splits it. The log fits into a horizontal chute. Almost all such machines can be adjusted in height. This facilitates the process of work, has a positive effect on the physical condition of the muscles and back of the employee.


In such a wood splitter, the log is always in a fixed position, the frame is located vertically. The knife at work moves down. This technique has a higher efficiency.Robust installation base capable of withstanding heavy loads. The responses say that the flaws of vertical log splitters remain high risk of an emergency, if the work is carried out with curved workpieces.


Combine in themselves at the same time two types of bookmarks. If the previous versions belong to household types, then mixed models refer to professional equipment. They are actively used in woodworking enterprises. Such installations can be installed on the tractor. In conjunction with high performance, this ensures the speed and quality of work performed.


Such a wood splitter is a massive industrial model or multifunctional machines. The use of such facilities in the domestic environment is not always advisable, since for their work requires a large capacity, the transfer from one place to another is difficult.


Such a wood splitter can be mini or produced with transport wheels. The latter greatly simplify the movement of technology. Mobile models can be used in everyday life.They are cheaper than professional machines, have moving parts made of solid steel. Usually they make 400-500 revolutions per minute, which is sufficient for solving everyday tasks.

Power Classification

Wood splitter can be:

  • Electric. The engine is powered from the network. This variety can be used indoors. If we are talking about a homemade wood splitter, then most often it works on electricity.
  • Petrol or diesel. Models that are more powerful than the previous version can be used for logging. Differ in the increased noise level therefore are used mainly on the street.
  • With tractor tractor. The tractor’s hydraulic system is connected to the shaft. This increases the limit of power and durability of the machine. Such options often run on diesel, used for industrial purposes.

For use in the domestic sphere it is better to opt for horizontal wood splitters. Their capacity is sufficient for the periodic harvesting of firewood. Minimal maintenance is required for electrical types, but they should be bought if the outlet is located near the place of work.

To solve professional problems, you can stop the choice on vertical models. They have improved performance, may have additional features.

In conclusion, we note: the price of wood splitters is different. The most inexpensive are manual types. They cost several thousand rubles. Small models with an electric motor sell for 20-30 thousand rubles. It should be remembered: the more complex and powerful the installation, the higher its cost.

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