Wooden arbors for giving: ideas, types and styles

Pergolas remain popular for centuries. Today they are a favorite place to relax and meet friends. Altanki is decorated with flowers, supplemented with a barbecue area, fireplaces.

Most popular types

Pergolas are open and closed. The first ones are quite easy to do with your own hands - they do not have doors and windows. Such models do not require a serious foundation, as the walls are quite light. They can arrange a summer dining room or arrange a place for a passive tan.

Interestingly in the landscape look belvedere and pergolas, which are a subtype of open arbors. The first are completely open. They are erected on an elevation, so that during the rest you can explore the beauty of nature around. Pergolas - the middle between the gazebo and canopy, representing the openwork design. It is often decorated with whipping roses, bindweeds.

Closed models suggest partial or full glazing.It turns out a small house in which it is easy to hide from the rain, wind. You can use this view at any time of the year. In winter, it is enough to put a heater or flood the stove.


Arbors from a tree can be made in styles:

  • classic;
  • east;
  • Victorian;
  • rustic and some others.

In the classics dominated by four or hexagonal shapes, straight lines and clear proportions. The design of such a structure is rather restrained.

Oriental style is distinguished by unusual features, ornaments and decorations. In such options, you can easily create a romantic atmosphere. The central element is the roof, which has elevated corners.

Pavilions for giving in the Victorian style are massive. They can have complex architectural forms or be complemented by an elaborate decorative design. These varieties are often painted white. Rustic style implies the presence of only wooden elements. Such a gazebo can resemble a fabulous house or a real Russian hut.

Recently became popular:

  1. Finnish style.It involves the construction of a glazed gazebo rounded.
  2. Scandinavian. Differs minimalism and simplicity. Typically, buildings are complemented by panoramic windows.
  3. Provencal. Constructions of this type are always white. Inside is used textiles with a small floral print.

How can a gazebo be decorated?

By installing a gazebo, homeowners seek to solve several problems at once. For cooking on the fire in the room is a stone stove or fireplace. The alliance of stone and wood looks very good. Such a project can be supplemented with a soft sofa, a small bar.

An important element of the design is the lighting. You should think about it at the design stage. You can use a large chandelier, a few lamps or an LED strip.

If you want a gazebo to fit in well with the landscape, on the south or south-west side, drawers are placed with the ground. Colors are planted in them. Usually taken annuals climbing plants. Curb plants can be planted in the second row.

Interior decoration of wooden arbors is usually not carried out, because the material itself has excellent decorative characteristics. As protection should use special formulations.

In conclusion, we note: do not be afraid of experiments. You can emphasize the beauty of the landscape object stone paths, flower beds. However, many designers recommend to abandon abundant decorating with greens. Under the leaves can be hidden all the beauty of the building.

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