Yuri Dud stood up for girls who meet with foreigners

The FIFA World Cup will end only on July 15, and the debate on the relationship of Russian girls with foreign fans does not abate on the Web, and the most common opinion on this subject is usually negative. The chief editor of Sports.ru and the popular youtube blogger, Yuri Dud, decided to participate in the discussion and published a whole column, standing up for the girls and their choice.

“Russian girls can have sex with absolutely any person who seems to them to be quite attractive. Just like a Russian guy can do the same with anyone he wants: with Thai, Dominican, Cuba and other beauties who make our holidays even sweeter. Yes, ideally - to be protected, because diseases and because having children is much cooler from really loved ones, and not seemingly beloved people. But if we can enjoy freedom, the girls have exactly the same reason for it, ”he told readers.

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